Large Biofuels Company Gains Real-time Consolidated View of Position

Read the Case StudyBiofuel company saves days of effort with Eka's Position App


Global biofuels company needed a single, accurate picture of position without spending days manually reconciling data.

Global biofuels company needed a clear understanding of postion without taking days to manually collect, integrate,and analyze data. Time-consuming manual processes were causing delays in decision making, impacting profits and risk.

Read this case study to learn how to turn a complex, tedious reporting process into a quick, accurate, detailed analysis created in minutes.

Learn how Eka: 

  • Consolidates position by aggregating and analyzing data from disparate systems, including CTRM, futures broker systems, inventory management solutions, and multiple spreadsheets
  • Identifies market risk in near real time
  • Generates heating spreads, positions, compliance reports, and executive dashboards
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